Twitter user @dkzody (Delaine Zody) is the winner of our Whole-Food Inspiration contest. She took home a Vitamix and a prize pack from MegaFood, including MegaFood's new Boosters.

We asked Delaine what inspires her to live and eat healthfully. Check out her answers and her winning tweet below. 

Congrats, Delaine!

Where do you find ideas for new recipes and ways to use healthy ingredients?

My daughter is a big inspiration to me. She is vegan, and although we eat animal products, we are eating more and more plant-based foods and she always has new ways of fixing those. I pick up Delicious Living magazine at Whole Foods and find ideas to try. Vegetarian Times has many good ideas, too.

What is your main priority when shopping for fruits and vegetables?

They must be locally grown and preferably organic. We have a CSA subscription for organic veggies, which allows interesting variety in our menus.

What is the most challenging part of healthy living/eating?

I don't find it challenging at all in that we have such abundance here in the San Joaquin Valley from which to choose. I am so grateful to live where so much good, fresh food is grown year-round.

Any favorite recipes, cookbooks, or food quotes?

I like to use only a few ingredients in my recipes—just real basic, simple foods.