We're so excited to head to Natural Products Expo East 2015 in Baltimore next week with two of our loyal readers—the top advocates in our Delicious Living VIP program! Amy Kubal and Linda Byington will be joining us at the East Coast's largest natural products trade show, which is put on by our parent company, New Hope Natural Media.

Before Amy and Linda hit the show floor, education sessions, events, and everything else Expo East has to offer, get to know them below—and get ready to follow all the action on the #VIP2Expo hashtag next week (September 17-19) on Twitter and Instagram!

What are you most looking forward to doing or seeing at the show?

Linda: Dylan Ratigan’s keynote promises to be interesting. I also want to check out the latest in natural medicine and beauty products. And eat way too much new and exciting food.

Amy: I am very excited to see what's new, try new products and meet the faces and minds behind the brands. I'm also looking forward to hearing Joel Salatin's keynote presentation and attending several of the other education sessions. As a registered dietitian, this is a great opportunity for me to get information to share with my clients and social media/blog followers. I am especially interested in the "Taking the Mystery out of the Myths About What's Honestly Healthy", "The Importance of Nutrition for Behavior, Learning and Mood", "Next Steps in Sustainability", "How Food Tribes are Redefining Food", and "Better Digestion: At the Core of All Health Trends" sessions.

What are your hopes for the future of our food system?

Linda: More transparency of the food we eat should be non-negotiable. Federally mandated GMO labeling is having a tough time getting passed, but it should be soon. I also think that food waste is abhorrent while many are underfed. Connecting leftover food with the hungry should be a priority.

Amy: I would love to see a more honest and transparent food industry. More and larger companies need to step up their game by getting their ingredients through reputable sources and by being honest about the health claims that they are making. They need to start thinking about the health of our future generations and less about the bottom line and profits. I would also like to see more advocacy for the farmer. I come from a farm family and know the work, dedication and heart that goes into raising our food. These are the folks that need to be advocated for and that means supporting local food sources and helping them succeed - without them we wouldn't be here.

Stay tuned for more from Amy and Linda after the show!

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