Supplements To Keep You Young

As you approach 40, you can look forward to gaining a greater sense of peace, self and security. But there will also be more health issues you'll have to face. Consider adding the following supplements to your daily regimen to ward off age-related symptoms. Supplement Daily Dosage Health Benefits Vitamin C up to 4,000 mg enhances immunity and wound healing; protects against cancer, heart disease and oxidative damage Vitamin E 400-800 IU enhances immunity; protects against cancer, heart disease, diabetic retinopathy, kidney disease and oxidative damage CoQ10 50-100 mg enhances immunity; protects against cancer, heart disease, liver disease and oxidative damage Beta-carotene 25,000-
50,000mg protects against cancer and heart disease Lycopene 15 mg protects against age-related macular degeneration Selenium 200 mcg supports antioxidant enzymes Zinc 30 mg enhances immunity, wound healing and resistance to infection DHEA 5-100 mg* enhances immunity; protects against Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and osteoporosis Melatonin 1-6 mg
at bedtime enhances immunity and restful sleeping patterns; protects brain cells
*If you're taking more than 5 mg of DHEA daily, you should have your blood levels monitored by a doctor.