BioCell Collagen not only promotes active and more flexible joints, but it can also lead to a reduction in joint pain. The first clinical trial on BioCell Collagen was performed on 89 subjects. After 45 days of supplementation with 2 grams of the ingredient daily, 80 (or 89 percent) of the participants experienced pain relief—while only one subject taking a placebo reported relief.

Next, researchers turned their attention to BioCell Collagen’s effect on subjects with joint discomfort in a pilot study. Participants who supplemented for eight weeks found their physical difficulties reduced, as compared to those who took a placebo. After these encouraging results, researchers enrolled 80 participants in a clinical trial, which confirmed the pilot’s findings: “71 percent of the subjects who ingested BioCell Collagen (2 grams daily for 10 weeks) experienced a significant improvement of their mobility-restricting joint discomfort,” said Park, “whereas only 30 percent in the placebo group experienced a similar benefit.” This conclusive study was published in a prestigious scientific journal, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

BioCell Collagen can be found as a stand-alone supplement, or combined with antioxidant or anti-inflammatory ingredients. Find BioCell Collagen in products like Hyaluronic Acid 120 mg Tablets (Solgar), Jusuru Life Blend (Jusuru), BioCell Collagen (Health Logics), NSF Sport Certified HA Joint Formula (Purity Products), and more.