Healing stories
I really enjoyed reading your October 2005 issue. Before that time, I had never read Delicious Living, but while I was recuperating from breast cancer treatment, my friends brought me magazines, and this was one of them. I found the interview on breast cancer with Christine Horner, MD, FACS, very informative. The other articles were packed with good information on how to deal with the slowing of the body and brain.

—Betty Kendrick, Parkersburg, Iowa

What's on your mind?
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A great gift idea
I'm always learning something new when I read Delicious Living, and I pass on little tidbits in my everyday conversations with others. Best of all, I collect a year's worth of issues and tie a pretty ribbon around the magazines to give as extra gifts for Christmas. My family and friends look forward to this every year.

—Carol Cutrona, Southbury, Connecticut

Wholesome message
When I found Delicious Living a few months ago, I was amazed to see so many natural products being advertised, and the recipes are great! I'm always looking for organic and wholesome foods and herbal remedies to keep my body in good condition. I'm telling all my friends, so keep publishing.

—Ann Kramer, Fort Wright, Kentucky

How about a cookbook?
I just want to send a note of appreciation for the wonderful recipes you publish in your magazine. Almost without exception, every one I try is flavorful, colorful, and worth making repeatedly. A recent favorite was the Brown Sugar-Glazed Shrimp in "Cooking for One" (January 2006). I added black beans on a whim and was quite pleased with the results. I seek out and hang onto each issue because I know it will include new meals I'll enjoy making. If you ever decide to publish all your recipes in a cookbook, I will gladly line up to buy a copy.

—Kristine Munholland, Portland, Oregon