Exercise regularly
30 minutes/day minimum.

Exercise lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.

People who exercise have a significantly lower chance of dying from CVD.

Quit smoking

Smoking accelerates the buildup of plaque.

Quitting smoking can lower one's heart disease risk by nearly 41 percent.

Drink occasionally
No more than 1-2 drinks/day.

Alcohol can lower cholesterol.

Do not use alcohol consumption as main source of prevention.

Reduce stress
by practicing deep breathing and yoga. Also try bodywork.

Stress increases blood pressure and risk of heart attack.

Bodywork such as massage and biofeedback are proven stress reducers.

Spend time visualizing good health.

Research shows this improves health.

Spiritual practice of any sort can help.

NOTE: To create a safe and effective program best suited for your needs, consult your health care practitioner. The above information should not be taken as medical advice.

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