Have you ever felt you needed a complete exercise overhaul? In the hopes of making this year’s resolutions stick, we thought we’d introduce three women in need of some get-in-shape guidance to personal fitness trainer Gerry Stoneman of Boulder, Colorado. Stoneman, who has been helping people lead healthier lives for 18 years, analyzed our participants’ lifestyles and fitness goals, and then prescribed realistic exercise plans to get them on the road to wellness. “When it comes to fitness, I’ve never been into gimmicks, quick fixes, or ‘guaranteed’ schemes,” says Stoneman. “If you make the time, tap into your energy, and keep a healthy attitude, fitness can be a part of your every day life.”

Next, we asked medical nutrition and behavior therapist Susan Cukiernik, a registered dietitian with 20 years experience, to weigh in on what each person should do to improve her eating habits. “My philosophy is to eat as natural as you can,” says Cukiernik, who maintains a private practice in Manhattan. “Don’t eat packaged foods or anything artificial. I also recommend a lean-protein diet, eating foods that are low on the glycemic index, and eating smaller, more frequent meals. And drink plenty of fluids.” Cukiernik’s insight ensured that our three subjects were feeding their bodies the right foods to prepare for their new active lifestyles.

Following are the workouts and diet plans Stoneman and Cukiernik recommend. Find the one you most identify with, make a few tweaks to fit your lifestyle, and learn how you, too, can make 2004 your healthiest year.