Next time you feel ill, anxious, or run down, seek relief from flowers. In 1930, English physician Edward Bach proposed that sickness results from imbalances or negativity in the soul. To restore spiritual—and thereby physical—health, Bach developed 38 flower-infused essences whose energies quell distressing emotions. Simply place four drops of floral essence under your tongue three to four times daily, or add two to four drops to a bath to combat these common maladies.

  • Stress: Rescue Remedy combines rock rose for panic, cherry plum for discipline, impatiens for tension, clematis to stay grounded, and star of Bethlehem for shock.

  • Anxiety: Walnut helps you achieve balance during tough transitions, such as job switches or menopause.

  • Despair: When responsibilities leave you overwhelmed or exhausted, promote rationality with elm-flower essence.

  • Apathy: Olive targets jadedness and mental fatigue to boost vitality.