8 percent of Americans with diabetes
57 million American adults with prediabetes
44.1 million estimated number of Americans who will have diabetes by 2034

blood sugar managementRecent research backs up this approach: According to a landmark 1999 study of 3,200 people at high risk of developing diabetes, sustaining modest (7 percent) weight loss by eating a low-fat, moderate-carbohydrate diet and doing 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise a week can reduce diabetes risk twice as well as the leading diabetes drug, metformin. (A 10-year follow-up found that the lifestyle group was still twice as likely to have avoided diabetes). Other research suggests cutting animal fat in particular, via low-fat vegetarian or vegan diets, may work to reverse Type 2 diabetes, helping those on medication to lessen the amount they take and eventually stop taking medication altogether. Meanwhile, recent (and controversial) studies have linked blockbuster diabetes drug Avandia to a 43 percent increased risk of heart attacks and a 47 percent increase in bone fractures.

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