Before you turn to herbs for healing, discover which virus you have: flu or cold.

Cold symptoms
Slight aches and pains
Very mild fatigue and weakness
Stuffy nose (almost always)
Sneezing (almost always)
Sore throat (almost always)
Chest discomfort (mild to moderate)
Cough (hacking)

Flu symptoms
Fever (102-104 degrees) lasting three to four days
Severe headache
Aches and pains (often severe)
Fatigue and weakness that can last for two to three weeks
Extreme exhaustion (comes on early)
Stuffy nose (sometimes)
Sneezing (sometimes)
Sore throat (sometimes)
Chest discomfort (almost always)
Cough (often severe)

Source: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Pub. No. (FDA) 99-1264, cited by T. Nordenberg, May 1999.