Are you too busy to commute to yoga class but daunted by the thought of choosing poses and sequences on your own? Establishing a yoga routine at home may be easier than you think. An at-home practice offers freedom and flexibility, enabling you to set a schedule that suits a busy life. It’s less expensive than attending classes, and you can select the types of poses you want to focus on in a given session.

Some top yoga teachers encourage it. “Practicing at home allows you to focus on the internal and meditative aspects of yoga,” says Richard Freeman, director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. Instructor Rodney Yee, codirector of the Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland, California, agrees. “Classes and workshops are great, but taking your practice home is what it’s all about,” he says. Here, Freeman, Yee, and veteran teacher Beryl Bender Birch offer advice on how to make a home yoga practice successful.

Step One: Learn proper form