What was the inspiration for cocokind? What inspires you daily?

I created cocokind because I wanted to provide a skincare line that was not just “free-from” harsh chemicals, but “full-of” pure, nutritious, and organic ingredients. Through a lot of discovery and trial, I found that organic ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, virgin avocado oil and pure rose hydrosol were the most gentle and effective method to treat skin.

I produced some amazing blends and I knew that at a reasonable price point, I was creating something that was currently missing from the grocery shelves. I used ingredients that are individually good for you, and when I found a blend that was effective, I stopped there. I refused to add anything else since I have extreme conviction about each of the 13 ingredients in my line.

I’ve been inspired by the organic industry for a long time. I’ve watched several new companies develop, mature, and solve problems for shoppers looking to eat or consume more healthily. Even more inspiring, this industry really cares about helping other people, and I have always wanted to create a product that gives back and inspires others to do so as well.

What do you think has been the key to cocokind's success?

We listen to our shoppers. We take the time to read every comment on our social media channels and every email because we really care. We listen to both the good feedback and the constructive criticism, and we adapt accordingly. I am a firm stickler about a couple things about our products and brand—and I don’t change my view on these core characteristics. However, in terms of other things, we are always listening to our consumers and figuring out how we can be better. I don’t think our products will ever stop getting better, whether it is becoming more sustainable, more functional or more fair trade. There’s a lot of room to improve which we view less as a challenge and more as an opportunity to increasingly give shoppers what they are looking for. 

What inspired your decision to become USDA Certified Organic?

I knew from the very beginning that we weren’t going to launch our product until we were certified organic. It was as big of a deal to me as any part of the product development phase. There are a lot of products that tout organic in the personal care products space. I wanted to make sure our consumers knew that we were organic and that our products have integrity.

Being certified organic is more expensive, more work, more time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s like a symbol of trust between cocokind and our vendors and shoppers because the certification lets people know that we use high quality ingredients.

Where are you going? What's the vision for cocokind?

We want to help grow certified organic skincare so that it is one day considered the norm, not the exception. This means that cleaner personal care products have to dominate not only organic supermarket shelves, but also those of conventional grocers too.

I want to continue to build a team of people at cocokind that enjoy creating something together and are always proud of what we are doing.  Of course, we want to increase our work with non-profits and be able to see firsthand the difference we are making. My dream would be to take my team somewhere and be able to present a month’s worth of food and/or lifetime supply of books to a town in a third world country.

What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?

Where to start? TV, chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate + peanut butter together, TV + chocolate + peanut butter all together? Doesn’t happen often, but when it does…

What's the inside scoop on yourself? 

I have no middle name. When your parents decide to name you Priscilla, they call it a day.