U.S. consumer sales of dietary supplement products aimed at heart health grew 8 percent to nearly $2 billion in 2009, according to Nutrition Business Journal estimates. Omega-3 supplements, not surprisingly, generated the lion’s share of these sales. Other top cardiovascular-health supplements include CoQ10 and vitamin E.

In the world of supplements, heart health is a leading condition-specific category. However, supplements claim only a small fraction of the overall dollars U.S. consumers spend annually on cardiovascular health products. Cholesterol-lowering statins and other prescription drugs make up nearly 90% of sales in this category, NBJ reports.

This could shift, however, as consumers grow increasingly wary of the side effects associated with cholesterol-lowering drugs and shift their focus to heart-disease prevention. The expanding body of science demonstrating the cardio benefits of such as omega-3s and CoQ10 and and the development of new natural cardio ingredients and products is also likely to continue driving sales of heart-health supplements.