I just returned from a grocery-shopping trip with my daughter and my mother to one of four natural products stores where I get my food, supplements, and beauty supplies every month. It was early Saturday morning, when most shoppers are parents with children and the store is relatively empty. My mother and I strolled through the aisles, my daughter riding in the front seat of the cart, selecting organic bananas, raspberries, and peaches (we already had many dark leafy greens at home). We asked the fishmonger for 1 pound of Coho salmon and then spent a long time in the bulk aisle, bagging organic quinoa, wild rice, raw walnuts, and plain roasted almonds. By the time we made it to the checkout, our cart was filled with the healthy and nutritious products we write about in this magazine. My daughter was filled, too, with nutritious snacks set out for nibbling, as happy as if she’d just been to the playground.

In Boulder, we are lucky, because we have so many choices when it comes to purchasing natural products. There’s a community co-op two blocks from my house. A large natural foods chain store is a three-minute drive, as is a smaller chain store known for its discount prices. Then there’s the small yet well-stocked grocery, recently purchased by another natural products chain, conveniently located near my daughter’s daycare.

Each of these stores carries Delicious Living, and it’s fun for me, feeling like a fly on the wall, to see the bagging clerk place our magazine into people’s shopping bags and to hear their comments as they look at the cover image or leaf through one of the stories.

After this recent experience, I’m reminded of whom we have to thank, not only for our pleasurable shopping excursion but also for the availability of this magazine. The retailer brings both of these to us. You often tell us through letters or e-mail how happy you are with the information you learn in these pages. If you are so inspired, may I suggest you take a moment to thank your retailer, too?

Jean Weiss

Getting a break from the deadline-driven life of an editor was just what Delicious Living managing editor Pamela Emanoil needed when she visited El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa in Taos, New Mexico, for the feature story “Holistic Retreat.” “I now have a new appreciation for relaxation,” she says.

Adina Licht, author of “Outsmart Illness,” is a trained food scientist with a knack for marrying flavors. “A lot of healthy compounds found in everyday foods can have a profound impact on winter health,” she says. Licht lives and cooks a block from the ocean in Santa Cruz, California.

“I just show up and eat a lot,” New York–based food photographer Mark Thomas says of his chosen profession. He enjoyed the flavors and colors of the ingredients he shot for “Outsmart Illness” and “Low-Effort Dinners” so much that he hopes readers try the recipes right away.