Organic Number Trail

12,200 Number of organic farmers in the United States in 2001.33 to 47 Estimated percentage of U.S. consumers who purchased organic food in 2001.

6 billion Organic food sales in dollars in the United States in 2001.

42 Percentage of mainstream U.S. stores carrying organic produce.

2.2 billion Pounds of pesticides used annually in the United States.

1 Rank of agriculture in a 1998 EPA list of polluters of America's rivers and streams.

173,000 Miles of U.S. waterways polluted by agricultural chemicals, erosion and animal waste runoff from livestock production.

1.4 million Additional cancer cases estimated to be caused by pesticides during an American's lifetime.

20 billion Projected organic product sales in dollars in the United States by the year 2005.

—Delicious Living staff