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Clarified reasoning
I was confused by your article extolling the virtues of ghee ("Ghee Whiz," April 2007) as a "healthy high-temperature cooking oil." Being made from butter, is it not 100 percent saturated fat?

—Fonda Hart, Fresno, California

This is a great question. Yes, ghee is saturated fat and will act like butter in terms of cholesterol accumulation in the body. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, however, ghee removes impurities that affect your body type, or dosha. Also, because it's concentrated and browned, well-made ghee has more zing than plain butter—so about one-fourth the amount still provides a lot of flavor. Another bonus: Because ghee contains no milk solids or proteins, it's suitable for lactose-intolerant people.


Sustaining faith
Many readers expressed concerns about evangelical minister Peter Illyn's thoughts on environmentalism and Christianity ("Loving Creation," April 2007). Thank you for your constructive feedback. It was our intention to present one person's view on the importance of environmental stewardship—a core value of this magazine.