Summer skin care
I’ve enjoyed several issues of your magazine, and I’m glad you wrote about how to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful effects in “Skin Forecast” (April 2005). Would you also write an article about how to choose a sunscreen?

—D. Reffett, via e-mail

Check out last month’s “Be Sun Safe” (June 2005) for a myth-busting guide to sunscreens and sunblocks, including a review of natural options available at your local store. The article is posted online at We hope the story addresses your concerns.


In close contact
I was so happy I finally saw Delicious Living at a grocery store near our home. Before, I had to travel 40 miles to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to shop and get your magazine. My husband and I always look forward to reading Delicious Living, which covers so many interesting and helpful topics. And unlike some other magazines, yours is free. Thank you so much.

—Ann Nace, Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Money well spent
I always look for Delicious Living at our local grocery store. Since starting to read the magazine, my whole family eats more organic foods. We feel healthier. I’d rather pay a few extra cents and enjoy what I eat. Thank you.

—Margaret Pache, Mesa, Arizona

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The 1st Annual Delicious Living Spirit Awards
Do you know an inspirational woman who embodies the spirit of Delicious Living? A Delicious Living Spirit winner is someone who enjoys cooking and eating organically; someone who incorporates wellness strategies and alternative therapies into her overall health plan; someone who makes eco-friendly consumer and lifestyle decisions … or simply a person who manages to inspire those around her to live deliciously every day. If you know such a woman, please nominate her to be featured in our 1st Annual Delicious Living Spirit Awards. Winners will be included in an upcoming issue and will win a $200 gift certificate to their favorite natural products store that carries Delicious Living.

To enter your nominee, write a 500-word essay that describes how she embodies the Delicious Living spirit and send it to Delicious Living Spirit Awards, 1401 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302, or log on to and click on “Delicious Living Spirit Awards.” Entries must be received by August 31, 2005.