Natural asthma aids?
I love your magazine and have learned so much from it. I wonder if any of your readers or knowledgeable staff can shed some light on weaning my 10-year-old daughter off inhaled steroids, which were prescribed for possible asthma in March 2006. Are there foods and supplements that can help her instead? I don't like her having to inhale these drugs at such a young age.

—Kathy Sachs, via e-mail

Thank you for writing to us about your health concerns. We will certainly keep this topic in mind for future articles. We also encourage you to take advantage of our online discussion board. To post your question, click here.


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Go eco
I want to commend you on your October 2006 issue. Although I thoroughly enjoy every month of Delicious Living, I was especially impressed with the "Fall Fashion Goes Eco" article in Fresh, in which you featured several clothing lines from sustainable manufacturers. I would love to see this ecosmart philosophy applied to other facets of everyday living, such as furniture and kitchenware, in future issues of your magazine. It's helpful to know what ecofriendly products exist out there.

—Leslie Thurston, Freedom, New Hampshire

Unworthy appetizer
In your "Thanksgiving Trade-out" story (November 2006), you have a list of "Quick and Easy Appetizers." For the cheese and meat plate, I noticed you list a "log of hard salami." Few foods are unhealthier than salami, with its high sodium and saturated fat content. I thought Delicious Living stood for healthy eating. This suggestion was disappointing.

—Anonymous, via e-mail