Change for good
I love reading Delicious Living magazine every month. You give good advice about making better choices, and this has helped me make good changes. Also, I love your recipes. Please keep up the good work because I will continue to read your magazine (and so will my family). Thank you.

—Cheryl Krause, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Meal ideas and more
I always make sure to pick up Delicious Living. The recipes inspire me to try new dishes, and the beautiful pictures are helpful so I can see what I will be creating. Often I quickly glance through the current issue before shopping to get ideas for what meals to prepare. I also find lots of information concerning health remedies ranging from herbs and supplements to exercises.

—E. Boehme, East Northport, New York

News to me
I recently found your magazine at a grocery store where I hadn't shopped before. I was really impressed with the tons of information and advertisements on organic foods that I didn't even know existed. I am a new reader, but now it looks like I will be a regular reader.

—Wendy Denise Sue Allen, Milford, Connecticut

Souped up without salt
I wanted to respond to Tom Sims' letter in your March 2006 issue regarding your soup review "Soup's On" (January 2006). I read all labels very carefully for sodium content, and I have discovered two soups that contain no salt or low sodium: Health Valley canned soups and Tabatchnick Fine Foods frozen soups.

I also have the same problem with frozen foods. Although they state how healthy they are, the salt content can be prohibitive.

—Sylvia Sterling, Goleta, California

I can never resist the latest issue of Delicious Living. The cover always catches my eye, and I love the recipes. The ads, too, keep me up to date with the latest products. Mostly I'm interested in the informative and well-written health articles, which very often synchronize with my current concerns. For example, stories on prediabetes, preosteoporosis, and colon cleansing all appeared in the March 2006 issue.

—Lynea Bernhard, San Rafael, California