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In June 2003, research firm Datamonitor predicted that “the U.S. beauty market for men is set to grow at twice the rate as the female market.” What this means for men—or the women shopping for them—is that as companies look to tap into the male market, a slew of natural products is hitting the shelves with men in mind. Look for these great guy buys:


The brand

Why men will love it


Aubrey Organics Ginseng Mint Aftershave

Aubrey is dedicated to organics and making clean, natural products.

This aftershave smells great and has no chemical preservatives. However, it does contain PABA, a potential skin irritant.

Don’t let the higher price turn you off; a little goes a long way toward giving a fresh, bracing feel after razor or electric shaves.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap

Long a mainstay for outdoor enthusiasts, Dr. Bronner’s is big on health food street credibility, and it makes good soap.

Yes, the packaging says hippie, but the first whiff will clear your mind of that self-conscious thought. And the soap is made with organic oils.

Unlike some other natural soaps, Dr. Bronner’s offers lots of lather. Keep the liquid soap in the original dispenser; the product is so thick—nearly like bar soap—that it may clog other squirt bottles.

Giovanni Organic Hair Care Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo

From shampoo to “styling spritz,” Giovanni offers a full line of natural hair products.

This shampoo infused with tea tree oil—a personal-care powerhouse offering significant antiseptic properties without causing skin irritation—cleans your hair and leaves your scalp feeling great.

Hide this from your significant other—unless you’re sharing.

Lafe’s Natural Crystal Hemp Oil Active-Scent Deodorant

Lafe’s makes one thing—deodorant—and it has ten types from which to choose.

It’s effective, and there’s no aluminum, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The deodorants also are free of parabens, preservatives that recently have been found in tumors.

Give it a chance. It’s different, but it works. And if you’ve never tried (or are turned off by) “rock” deodorants (crystal-like stones you wet and rub under your arms), opt for the roll-on or spray-on deodorant types from Lafe’s.

MyChelle for Men So Clean

MyChelle is a small company focusing on facial care.

It’s “a cleanser, beard shampoo, or shaving medium” that has a rugged fresh-from-the-barber smell.

This isn’t foam from a can, so you’ll need to experiment with whether you’ll use the product in the shower or after and figure out the amount of water you’ll need to get a lather going.

Weleda Everon Face Balm

Weleda is a personal care and homeopathic company that makes high-end and effective natural beauty products.

The Everon Face Balm is for “extreme weather conditions,” or for after biking, working on the car, or anytime you need extra healing moisture for your face.

Take care to use just a dab here, a touch there. Too much can cause greasy skin.

—Bryce Edmonds