The best egg?

If I can't find eggs that are organic, cage free, and omega-3 enriched (“The Good Egg,” March 2008), which should be my first choice?
-Chantal Sembres, Salem, Oregon

That's an excellent question and, to a large extent, a personal choice. If healthfulness is top of mind, pick organic or omega-3-enriched eggs; if you're mostly concerned about the humane treatment of animals, free range is the way to go. Because it benefits both you and the environment, organic is probably the most high-impact choice.

Whoa, baby!

I was disappointed to see a picture of a baby mouthing whole grapes (“Raise Healthy Eaters”) in your March issue. Surely you do not want to encourage parents to feed this choking hazard to young children?
-D. Harper, Southold, New York

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that parents do not feed whole grapes to children under age 4. Read more on the AAP's list of foods to avoid.

Water animals

Your ways to save water (“Tapped Out,” March 2008) did not include eating a vegan diet. Intensive animal agriculture uses millions of gallons of water and is also a major source of water pollution.
-Patti Breitman, Fairfax, California



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“My son just got his 2-year molars, and it was awful! I used Hyland's teething tablets in combination with Tylenol. Sometimes it helps if we have something going on to distract him — a playground we haven't been to before or a toy he hasn't played with for a while.”
-Posted on the Kids and Family forum


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