March Calendar

during March, National Nutrition Month. Make eating a culinary adventure — expand your tastes to enjoy a variety of healthy foods. Also, remember to drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day. Check out the American Dietetic Association at for more nutrition tips.

during the first week of March, National Save Your Vision Week. Get an eye exam. Switch to a natural contact lens rinse. Take an antioxidant supplement and eat eye-friendly foods such as spinach, dandelion greens, carrots and blueberries. To lessen eye fatigue, lightly cover your eyes with your palms at intervals throughout the day.

on March 3, the official I Want You to be Happy Day. Numerous studies show that people who are happy also tend to be more healthy. What can you do to nurture your own happiness and the happiness of others?

on March 8, International Women's Day. Host an herbal tea party for your women friends of all ages. Gift the women in your life with flowers, natural sachets or scented soaps. For information about women's health online, visit

during March, National Foot Health Month. Get (or give) a foot massage. Buy a pair of massage sandals or fuzzy bunny slippers. Tiptoe barefoot through the tulips. Wiggle your toes and smile.

, but don't overdo it. Studies show that women who participate in exercise emphasizing leanness have a higher prevalence of eating disorders. Want to try something new? Try kick-boxing, surfing or belly dancing.

on the Spring Equinox, March 20. In the Celtic spiritual tradition, this time of light triumphing over darkness is marked by decorating altars with flowers, drinking jasmine tea, eating mint tea cakes, and dying eggs red in honor of the sun.

Illustrations by Mary Lynn Blasutta