April Calendar

Recent breakthrough studies show that consuming as few as 100 ants a day can increase longevity by 25 years. April Fools! Studies do show, however, that having a sense of humor can boost immunity. Celebrate April, Have Humor in Healthcare Month, by laughing as much as possible.

on World Health Day, April 7. Perhaps the reason everyone is so healthy on this day is because it's also No Housework Day. Take the day off from housework, build a shrine to your health using organic broccoli and edamame topped with a multivitamin (then eat it), and pray for the health of people around the world.

on Earth Day, April 22. Build a birdhouse. Hang a flower basket. Plant a tree or a tea garden; mint, chamomile, lemon balm, catnip and rosemary are all good herbs to grow for tea. Grow some lavender, too — its fragrance is good for the soul.

during April, National Soyfoods Month. Research shows that eating soyfoods can help reduce your risk of cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease, as well as alleviate menopause symptoms — and this is no April Fools. Don't like soy? Try taking it in supplement form.

during National TV-Turnoff Week, April 22-28. Instead, read a novel, take a sushi-making class, volunteer at a health fair, book a trip to the rainforest, learn to paraglide or watch a spider spin a web. For more ideas, visit www.tvsa.org.

April is National Cancer Control Month. Many forms of cancer are curable if caught in the early stages. For more information, visit www.cancer.org.

on Great Poetry Reading Day and Kiss Your Mate Day, April 28. Take a ride in a hot air balloon and blow kisses to your partner as you read "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" in a charming British accent. Forsooth!

Illustrations by Mary Lynn Blasutta