Six Causes Worth Your While

Looking for a way to help out your favorite natural cause, but don’t have the time or energy to volunteer? Many organizations welcome donations to help them keep doing good work. Below is a sampling of nonprofits that work on a range of causes, from saving endangered wildlife to combating childhood malnutrition. Of course, our list isn’t comprehensive—many more worthy groups exist—but each organization is making a difference and promoting a natural lifestyle, and by contributing money or time, so can you.

Center for a New American Dream,
Because what you buy affects the environment, the center works with individuals, communities, and businesses to conserve natural resources and encourage environmentally conscious changes in the ways goods are manufactured and used. The organization’s Be, Live, and Buy Different campaign teaches young people to use their buying power wisely.

The Endangered Species Coalition,
Considered a guardian of the Endangered Species Act, this alliance helps develop conservation and recovery plans for endangered species and their habitats.

Families for Natural Living,
When you need help making an informed decision about your health, turn to this nonprofit group to learn more about natural living choices, alternative health methods, and holistic health care practitioners in your area.

Healthy Foundation,
How important are vitamins and minerals for your health? This foundation sponsors research and educational programs to find out. One program, Vitamin Relief USA, distributes daily multivitamins in 41 states to children, seniors, and adults at risk for nutritional deficiencies.

Organic Advocates—Knives & Forks,
Established by chefs, this Canadian group raises awareness about organic agriculture through tutorials, symposiums, and research. It also supports merchants that sell and buy organic products.

Vitamin Angel Alliance,
Created specifically to fight malnutrition and childhood blindness around the world, Vitamin Angel continues its mission by providing health education and nutritional supplements to underserved communities at risk for particular conditions or illnesses.

—Christine Spehar