Feeling snacky
In the article “Snack Attack” in your September 2004 issue, you recommend some low-effort snacks, such as beef or turkey jerky. But then you drop the ball by not providing any sources for them. I have been trying for several years to locate such a product but with no success. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

—Marie Williams, Safford, Arizona

Marie, if your local natural products stores are like ours in Colorado, they will have preservative-free and MSG-free beef or turkey jerky. If the store doesn’t regularly stock the jerky, ask if it can special-order some for you.


Water woes
I am all for water conservation—as much as anybody else—but your reader’s letter “Gray Matter” (September 2004) was upsetting, to say the least. Although I wholeheartedly feel that conservation has its place, I draw the line on using unclean water for anything. We are already recycling water as it goes back and forth from the water-treatment plants. When my husband showers, I have to open up every available window. I wouldn’t think of using his bathwater for watering my plants or my garden. The thought of using anybody else’s water to flush my toilet is disgusting. I think disease would run rampant, like in other parts of the world where this type of practice is the norm. If your reader feels comfortable using her daughter’s bathwater for her plants, I say good for her, but that’s not for everyone. I just find it difficult to believe that some people would take water conservation this far.

—Joyce McKnight, Houston

Delicious Living would like to apologize for any offense the art for our feature story “Don’t Pig Out” (December 2004) may have caused. We are very concerned about your feedback and regret our choice of this stock photograph. We don’t ever want to be racially offensive or insensitive, and while that wasn't our intent, we understand that perspective and concern, and we are using this as a learning opportunity.

—The editors of Delicious Living