Supplement/Recommended Dose



50 mg 3x/day with meals; if symptoms persist after two weeks, increase to 100 mg 3x/day.

Mild nausea and sleepiness may occur initially. Don't combine with drugs unless under a physician's care.


Eat cold-water fish 2­3 x/week, or take 400­1,000 mg of both DHA and EPA/day.

Higher doses can cause upset stomach and fishy breath. Do not combine with anticoagulant drugs.

B Vitamins

800 mcg folic acid/day; 1 mg vitamin B12/day; 50 mg vitamin B6/day.

Do not combine with anticonvulsant drugs without a physician's supervision.


Days 1­2: 200 mg 2x/day; days 3­10: 400 mg 2x/day; days 10­19: 400 mg 3x/day; after 20 days: 400 mg 4x/day.

May cause temporary but mild insomnia, nervousness, headaches, decreased appetite, constipation, dry mouth, sweating and dizziness. Not recommended for those with bipolar disorder.

St. John's Wort

600­900 mg/day of standardized extract (0.3 percent hypericin).

May cause mild gastrointestinal upset, sun sensitivity. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or taking antidepressants.



80 mg of standardized extract/morning and noon.

Do not combine with anticoagulant drugs or chronic aspirin use.


500 mg 3x/day.



70 mg of standardized extract/day, or take 15­40 drops of diluted tincture up to 3x/day.

Not recommended for those with Parkinson's disease, for pregnant or lactating women or in combination with alcohol, sedatives and anxiety drugs.


300­400 mg of standardized extract 1-2x/day, or take 2­3 droppersful of tincture 2-3x/day.

May cause drowsiness.