Make stretching a priority before and after workouts, or anytime really, with these five top stretches for increasing and maintaining flexibility.

1. Back

Lie on your back on the floor, lift your knees, and squeeze them to your chest with your arms. Hold for a breath. Keeping your shoulders on the floor, slowly lower legs to the right. Let your back stretch for a breath; then lift your knees up and repeat on the left.

2. Hamstrings

Still on the floor on your back, grab your left leg behind the thigh, and pull it up. Slowly straighten out your leg until it's vertical. Lower it down to the ground. Repeat with your right leg.

3. Thighs

Lie on your right side. Reach down with your left hand and grab your left ankle. Slowly pull your ankle back toward your rear. Release after you feel a light stretch. Roll onto your left side and repeat with your right leg.

4. Shoulders and neck

While sitting upright, relax your shoulders and slowly turn your chin to your left shoulder, then to your right. Slowly cock your head to your right shoulder, then your left.

5. Hips

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly rotate your hips clockwise as if you were Hula-hooping. Complete 10-12 rotations and repeat, rotating counterclockwise.