Be aware of cravings.

People with low blood sugar often do not eat healthily or frequently and crave sugary and unhealthy foods. These cravings lead to overeating. Eating lean protein from vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and fruits can help you avoid cravings by helping you feel full longer.

Take adaptogens.

These herbal substances help the body adapt to physical and emotional stress and combat symptoms of low blood sugar, like fatigue and anxiety.Take herbs such as Asian ginseng, which helps balance blood sugar levels; astragalus; and regular root licoricedaily. If your symptoms do not significantly improve after several weeks, see a health professional.

See an acupuncturist.

An acupuncturist can use herbs and other strategies to balance the body, including blood sugar. He or she can prescribe Chinese herbs like adrenal cortex extract, which should only be taken under professional supervision, to help with low blood sugar and low adrenal function.

–Andrew Gaeddert, herbalist, Oakland, California