Radha Marcum

Editor in Chief, Delicious Living

What does it mean to live a truly healthy life? As a health-conscious shopper, mother of two, and Editor in Chief of Delicious Living magazine, I explore the various and often conflicting answers to this question.

Posts by Radha Marcum

in Delicious Living Blog Jan 02, 2013

Healthy beginnings

What needs to change for your health to flourish in 2013?....More
in Delicious Living Blog Dec 11, 2012

Can compassion grow a business? Yes, says Bhakti Chai

What happens when you combine fresh ginger juice, Fair Trade tea, and sincere devotion to social change? Bhakti Chai. Here's why this Boulder,....More
in Delicious Living Blog Dec 03, 2012

8 ways to perk up without a full night’s sleep

With waning light and seasonal shifts, energy levels naturally dip at just the time we ask more of ourselves—during the holidays. Try these natural....More
in Delicious Living Blog Nov 12, 2012

8 main dishes for a vegetarian Thanksgiving

Planning a no-turkey Turkey Day? With these creative and delicious—decadent even—vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving recipes for main dishes, the bird....More
in Delicious Living Blog Nov 05, 2012

Is your blood sugar out of control?

You don't think you have diabetes, but are you headed in that direction? Know the signs and symptoms, and heed experts' advice on preventing blood....More
in Delicious Living Blog Oct 22, 2012

10 immune-boosting comfort foods for fall

Does cold weather have you craving comfort foods? Try these immunity-boosting recipe favorites featuring seasonal ingredients. Plus, learn fall diet....More
in Delicious Living Blog Sep 04, 2012

Food cravings: What do they say about you?

Everyone craves sweet or salty foods once in a while, but what do your particular cravings say about your health? The Emotional Eaters Repair Manual....More
The nut-free zone
in Delicious Living Blog Aug 28, 2012

No PB&J? Navigating nut allergies in schools

In response to rising peanut allergies, schools are declaring classrooms "nut-free." But what if your child eats a plant-based diet and depends on....More
in Delicious Living Blog Aug 14, 2012

Cancer and supplements: a minefield of controversy

Nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin D are associated with significantly lower risk for some cancers, according to studies. But when it comes to....More
in Delicious Living Blog Aug 08, 2012

18 healthy, easy school lunch recipes

Stuck on PB&J? This school year, get creative with these healthy, tasty and packable lunch recipes....More
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