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Senior Food Editor, Delicious Living

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This just in: Americans are eating a lot of avocados

A new USDA report shows—shocker!—avocado consumption is rising. But just how much we rely on foreign imports for this popular fruit is surprising....More
Baking bread

Why (and how) to make your own bread

How one food editor got over her phobia, and learned to love the bread-making process....More
Conscious consumerism

Conscious consumerism can save the world. Here's how.

An article recently published on discounted the importance of supporting ethical businesses. This is why we disagree....More

Make this slightly sweet, roasted acorn squash

We're obsessed with this delicious acorn squash recipe, dusted with unrefined coconut sugar....More

Can small, organic farmers make a decent living?

Understanding the economics of small-scale organic farms....More

Celebrate Fall with this healthy pumpkin chili

A savory, warming pumpkin stew for Autumnal feasts....More

Kombucha cocktail, anyone?

Contemplate the end of a summer well-spent with this fizzy, probiotic-packed kombucha cocktail....More

Why you should be eating sweet potato toast

The hot new way to eat avocado toast? Ditch the bread and replace with a slice of nutrient-dense sweet potato....More

I tried a meal delivery kit. Should you?

The pros and cons of meal kits....More

In defense of the Engelharts, founders of Café Gratitude

What does it mean when the co-founders of a beloved vegan restaurant start eating meat?....More
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