As the former editor-in-chief and food editor for Delicious Living, my goal is to educate and inspire people that real food is the most accessible (and tasty!) path to optimal health. Because both of my now- adult children eat gluten free, allergen-aware foods are a particular interest and expertise of mine. You'll find me blogging occasionally about healthy food and everday grace at

Posts by Elisa Maria Bosley

in Delicious Living Blog Feb 23, 2015

Time for rest ... and a new path

I've loved working with Delicious Living for 16-plus years; now it's time for me to pause, rest, and reflect....More
in Delicious Living Blog Nov 25, 2014

Help create the best natural & organic gift guide!

We're taking a crowd-source approach to creating the Best. Gift. List. Ever....More
in Delicious Living Blog Oct 30, 2014

Struggle with mild depression? Relief is in sight

If you suffer from mild to moderate depression, use every tool at your disposal to loosen its grip, including natural therapies....More
in Delicious Living Blog Oct 07, 2014

Take one step for less stress, more sanity

Making even one positive change will improve your health and outlook over the long term. Get practical ideas here!....More
in Delicious Living Blog Sep 12, 2014

Organic, nutritious, inexpensive recipes: check, check, check

Healthy, affordable, and even organic-ingredient recipes: Yes!....More
in Delicious Living Blog Sep 02, 2014

Is healthy food only for rich people?

The (mis)perception that healthy food is only for the elite has to change....More
in Delicious Living Blog Aug 26, 2014

#Peaches season looking good on Instagram

Whet your appetite with gorgeous peach photos on Instagram this week....More
YorkTest Labs
in Delicious Living Blog Aug 04, 2014

Food intolerance and weight gain: connected?

An infographic from a testing lab connects food sensitivity and weight gain. Is it that simple?....More
in Delicious Living Blog Aug 01, 2014

DL's 30th year: roots and fruits (with photos!)

Who was (and is) at the forefront of the natural lifestyle movement? Relive the history and see where it's headed....More
in Delicious Living Blog Jun 02, 2014

How our words can change the world

Developing a common language can help fix our broken food systems and address climate change....More
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