Allison Miller

Content Producer, New Hope Natural Media

Posts by Allison Miller

Are fertilizers just junk food for plants?

The fertilizers that fuel plant growth on today's farms also weaken their natural ability to stave off disease, heal from injuries, and fend off....More

How Zero Foodprint helps restaurants fight climate change

The global food system accounts for roughly one-third of the world's greenhouse gases. Learn how nonprofit organization Zero Foodprint is helping....More

How a farmer grows citrus year-round on the Nebraska plains

Lemons and oranges from the Midwest? If Russ Finch’s “Greenhouse in the Snow” takes off, that might not be a strange notion for much longer....More

Why diet foods are tanking—and what’s taking their place

“Dieting” isn’t a fashionable term anymore. But in its place, there's a new level of confusion over what constitutes healthy eating. How is the food....More

Why you should consider cutting alcohol for 30 days

Originating in the U.K., "Dry January" is emerging as a hot trend in the United States. Just how might your body benefit from 30 days of alcohol-free....More

Recipe: Golden Milk from Dr. Taz Bhatia, MD

Boost your immunity by enjoying this simple golden "milk" (you can make it dairy free!) with ground turmeric, ginger root, cloves and raw local honey....More

People don’t want soda once they watch it made from scratch

The Center for Science in the Public Interest set up a booth in downtown Denver to make soda "from scratch" with the same amount of sugar as Coca-....More

Will Bhutan be the first country to go 100% organic?

Bhutan, a small mountain nation in the Himalayas, is planning to go 100 percent organic by 2020. If they succeed, they’ll be the first country in the....More

How Brooklyn is cleaning up polluted water with floating gardens

Brooklyn’s famously polluted Gowanus Canal is now home to thriving floating gardens that are slowly giving the Superfund site new life....More

Are broccoli leaves the next kale?

The part of the broccoli plant that normally serves as compost could become the latest must-have leafy green....More
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