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Why you should be eating sweet potato toast

The hot new way to eat avocado toast? Ditch the bread and replace with a slice of nutrient-dense sweet potato.

Like every other person with an Instagram account, I, too, have been swept up in the toast revival—perhaps the easiest food one can make in the entire world.

Growing up, I was fond of the bright-white bread variety, smeared with a tad of butter and jam. But lately I’ve been buying the best whole-wheat sourdough I can find at my local natural foods store, and asking an employee to slice it thick. I’m one of the few people in America who doesn't actually own a toaster, so I instead place the bread in a cast-iron skillet to make it golden, with just a few areas—perhaps near the crust—that verge on being burnt. Then I top it with an array of ingredients: ghee, honey and salt for breakfast; cucumber slices, avocado and sriracha for lunch or dinner.

But while perusing Instagram the other day, I learned of a way to enjoy toast and eat a nutrient-dense vegetable. I'm talking about sweet potato toast, the gorgeous, paleo-friendly solution to traditional, bread-based toast. Essentially, you swap in a toasted sweet potato slice for bread, and top it with add-ons both sweet and salty.

Simply slice a sweet potato lengthwise, brush with coconut oil, and pop into your toaster or a toaster oven until cooked through and slightly brown on the edges (or cook it on your stovetop, like I did). Note: You may have to toast the sweet potato slice more than once, depending on the strength of your toaster. Pile on scrambled eggs, tomatoes, nut butter, banana, guacamole, cheese ... anything that suits your fancy. Eat with abandon.

Need more inspiration? Here are some of our favorite renditions from fellow Instagram foodies:

Sweet Potato Toast Topped with Vegan Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread from @SortedFood


A photo posted by SORTEDfood (@sortedfood) on


Breakfast-Perfect Sweet Potato Toast from @taylorkbarclay


A photo posted by Taylor Barclay (@taylorkbarclay) on


Pomegranate Seed-Sweetened Toast from @officialjes


A photo posted by JES (@officialjes) on


Chicken Salad Sweet Potato Toast from @brokeandcooking

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