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Where can you get informed, free natural health advice?

Surprise: Some of the most knowledgeable, credentialed health experts around can be found in your local natural products store.

Ever since taking the helm as Delicious Living’s editor in chief, I’ve wondered how to further strengthen the connection between you, our readers, and the independent natural retailers in your towns and cities. Why? Because I know something that may not be common knowledge: These stores house some of the most informed, credentialed natural health experts around, and they love to help visitors find the right solutions to whatever needs brought them into the store in the first place.

So when we brainstormed this year’s Annual Guide to Health & Wellness, it came to us: Why not ask these health pundits for their advice on the most common ailments they hear in the course of their day’s work?

In our article "26 ways to thrive in an unhealthy world" (printed as “Survive and Thrive”), you’ll get to know seven retail staff members with extensive holistic health training, in fields from acupuncture and herbal medicine to nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and fitness. We asked them to address particularly current health complaints: too much sitting, too many gadgets, too few real foods. (Find even more of their pearls of wisdom, along with their photos, in this gallery.) I’m grateful for the time they spent answering my questions and giving their best advice for achieving health in today’s less-than-healthy world.

We hope this year’s guide offers new strategies for your everyday wellness goals—and that it nudges you to chat with the staff in your own local store. One of them just may turn out to be the best guide of all.

Where do you shop and who do you talk to for natural product recommendations and advice? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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