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What's really in your fragrance? Infographic tells all

A recent infographic from Women's Voices for the Earth reveals the prominence and dangers of synthetic fragrances. The good news: Now you can know what's really in that secret scent.

Fragrance remains a big question mark for consumers—but this infographic from Women's Voices for the Earth lends some important answers. 

First, let's review the fragrance quagmire: Without full disclosure requirements, there's essentially no way for retailers or consumers to know what's truly in their sweet-smelling products. And the word fragrance alone can indicate a product contains dozens if not hundreds of different ingredients, many of which are linked to skin irritation such as eczema and other allergies. However, companies remain hesistant to reveal their properietary blends, or have difficulty revealing all ingredients on one small label. 

As long as these practices remain, there may be no way to know what's truly in your fragrance. But this superinformative infographic, which compiles current research and data on the topic, emphasizes that you should definitely start sniffing it out. 

Source: Women's Voices for the Earth

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