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Delicious Living reader of the month: Jonathan Greenwald
Local stores: Lucky's, Alfalfa's, Ideal Market, and Vitamin Cottage, Boulder, Colorado

1995: After receiving a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis in 1992, Greenwald deferred conventional treatments and recommitted to a healthy diet, exercise, and priorities—including teaching visualization techniques to support groups. “The message I try to get across is, regardless of the outcome of your disease, you have some control in the moment.” (That's him at right on our October 1995 cover with his wife, Batya, and baby Sammy.)

2014: Now cancer free, Greenwald lives in Boulder with Batya and daughters Sammy and Noa (see photo below).

DL: What helped you most as you dealt with cancer?

JG: Getting at least one second and in some cases a third opinion. In cancer care there may be several opinions for treatment. The patient (or advocate) should do research and ask lots of questions.

DL: What does delicious living mean to you?

I love the food suggestions and options for eating healthfully, with interesting and tasteful recipe ideas—as well as information about food production issues in our country. For me, healthy living means eating well and organic as much as possible, managing stress, exercising, and loving life. 

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