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We're celebrating 30 years of connecting readers and natural products stores through inspiring health information and delicious recipes. What's your history with Delicious Living? We want to hear it!

The year 2014 marks an impressive milestone: It’s Delicious Living’s 30th birthday! I love telling people how the magazine, founded in 1984 as Delicious! (to counter the common impression that healthy food tasted awful), championed healthy living long before it was trendy. That vision hasn’t changed; we still seek to inspire and teach people about the far-reaching benefits of natural choices and products.

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What has changed is that the “natural” lifestyle—real food, nontoxic practices, eco-conscious everything—is now, at last, solidly part of the mainstream health conversation. Cases in point: News reports pointedly question factory feedlots and chemically dependent agribusiness. The FDA seeks to ban trans fats. Supplement sales skyrocket, and people are cooking again. Isn’t it great to witness this new story taking shape right before our eyes? And it bears repeating: We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the natural products retailers and innovators who’ve been on the front lines of this movement through all of its ups and downs.

What’s also new is that Delicious Living now reaches a lot more people, thanks to our vibrant website and social media outlets. The digital age makes it possible for you to share your recipes, product recommendations, opinions, and stories with like-minded health seekers, buliding an even stronger natural-living community. This month, for example, meet Jonathan Greenwald, who, in our October 1995 issue, related his struggle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 45, including his decision to pursue Chinese medicine, diet, fitness, and social support to beat the disease. Today, he’s … well, see the next page (click on "Jonathan's story," below).

I’m proud to say that I’ve been part of Delicious Living’s story for half of our 30 years. What keeps me motivated are people like Jonathan—OK, that and a great organic chocolate bar. Join us as we continue changing—and sharing—history together. Post a comment below or via our Facebook page, Twitter, email, or letter, to tell us what delicious living means to you ... the concept, the magazine, whatever! We'll feature stories and photos throughout the year.

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