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Vegan foods better left to the meat eaters?

What vegan foods have you tried once and never again? Perhaps the vegan foods on our Pinterest board are better left non-veganized.

These days, everyone's echoing the sentiment that "It's easier than ever to be vegan." It's true, but I'd like to counter with, "Would you eat it just because it's vegan?"

Vegan chefs and food bloggers are becoming increasingly creative about veganizing dishes that would normally be left to the meat eaters. Vegan eggs made from coconuts? Vegan mock chicken with mock lobster sauce?

Many veganized foods are downright delicious. Some, questionable. For me, beans, greens, and grains are my vegan staples rather than processed meatless veggie dogs or fake bacon. (True story: When I first became vegan, I bought all the meatless meats there were to buy in my local grocery stores and did a taste test. You already know how that ended.)

What vegan foods have you tried once and never again?

We've started a Pinterest board called "Would you eat the veganized version?" where we've found some interesting takes on animal-based foods.

Stop on over and tell us: Would you eat these creations? And let us know your Pinterest account name and we'll add you as a community pinner!

A couple sample pins from our board:


Click to the Pinterest board and tell us if you would eat these.

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on Mar 29, 2013

Now-a-days people are more concerned about their eating habits and they more interested in taking vegan foods. These foods should be left to the meat eaters. And it is found that many vegan foods are delicious to taste. The best vegan foods are beans, green vegetables and other food grains. Now it is a question upon us that what we should take.
Medifast shakes

on Dec 26, 2014

When I first tried veganism I tried many meat substitutes. Most of them were weird or downright nasty - do I really want chewy bits in my food so it resembles chicken? That said, I do like "ground beef" subs but you'll never get me to eat a tofurky.

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