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Treatment of celiac: more antioxidants and vitamin B

People with celiac disease may benefit from taking certain vitamin and antioxidant supplements, according to recent research. Celiac disease is a digestive condition caused by intolerance to gluten. There is no cure for the disease, but it can be treated with a gluten-free diet. Celiac disease is considered a malabsorption syndrome, and those with the disease are at risk for various deficiencies.

A recent study suggests that people with celiac disease have lower antioxidant levels due to reduction in levels of the antioxidant glutathione. The researchers said of their findings, “As glutathione could be regenerated by other antioxidants, a diet rich in natural antioxidants, as well as appropriate dietary supplements, could be important complements to the classic therapy of celiac disease.”

There is debate as to whether glutathione supplements are successful, because the body doesn’t easily absorb glutathione. However, other antioxidants such as selenium are components of glutathione and are successful in oral supplement form. Taking antioxidant supplements may help people with celiac to increase their glutathione levels, and their overall antioxidant levels. Antioxidant-rich foods include many fruits, vegetables, spices, and teas.

Another study published last March found that people with celiac should take vitamin B supplements (specifically B6, B12 and folate) to help reduce levels of an amino acid linked to heart disease. Vitamin B6 can be found in bananas, chicken, red meats and certain fish. B12 can be found in some shellfish, red meats, fish, yoghurt and eggs. Folate can be found in foods such as liver, spinach, asparagus, broccoli and oranges.

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on Dec 5, 2011

Nutritional deficiencies are commone in celiac disease, and should be addressed with the aid of a qualified professional.

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