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Our promise to you in 2017

Delicious Living's promise to uphold its legacy of bringing you 30-plus years of trusted, fact-checked, accurate and inspiring health and wellness content and recipes.

Jessie Shafer, Editor-in-chiefIn this digital age, we know that you have a lot of choices and influences when it comes to the health information you read, digest, share and use. 

As an editor trained in the ethics of journalism, as well as a registered dietitian who believes in the importance of bringing you evidence-based health information, I want to take a moment to reiterate my and Delicious Living's promise to uphold the brand's legacy of bringing you 30-plus years of trusted, fact-checked, accurate and inspiring health and wellness content and recipes. 

The internet can be a confusing space, especially when it comes to health information and the quality of food, nutrition, recipes and general health sources. Here are a few ways we will continue to provide you with health information you can trust: 

  • Unlike many other media outlets, our staff is not incentivized or rewarded by the digital metric of "pageviews." This means we don't try to get you to click on articles using "clickbait" methods, such as writing inaccurate or misleading headlines or writing articles based only on buzzwords. We know you come to us because we're like-minded: You want to read the latest news, research, initiatives and trends in natural health and be introduced to new natural products. You love to eat healthfully and introduce your family and friends to new foods. We promise to continue to post articles and generate content by writing about health conditions, products, special diets, nutrition and more in responsible ways. 
  • Our standards department (four staff members who work right in the office alongside of us) reviews all existing and potential advertiser products to verify that their ingredient, health, structure or function claims are valid and true. You can trust that you won't see an advertiser on our website, in our newsletters or in our print publication that has not received approval from our standards department. 
  • Before a recipe appears in our print magazine or on our website, we taste, test and perfect it to make sure your eating experience is healthy, delicious and inspiring. This is one of the BEST parts of our jobs! We love to experiment with new recipes and get them into the best possible version before sharing them with you. Over the brand's existence, Delicious Living has also become a reliable source for special-diet recipes, such as gluten-free and vegan, which taste great and produce successful results. Our staff-tested recipes emphasize fresh and natural ingredients, and include complete nutrition analysis. 
  • You may have noticed that we love to share our new product finds and favorites with you. We receive a lot of product samples in our office, and we never share them with you without first testing, tasting and believing in the concept, company and passion behind its existence. All products recommended in our magazine and on our website have made an impression on us, and our product choices are never influenced by advertising. 
  • We know that we have an important responsibility when sharing health information with you. We also know that you're a smart and passionate health influencer in your own social circles. That's why the nutrition and supplement content you read in our magazine and on has been scientifically reviewed by medical experts in order to bring you easy-to-understand, accurate information that you can feel confident about reading, using and sharing with others. 

We think the future looks healthy, positive and inspiring! And we're thankful for you, our readers, every single day! Please always feel free to email me if you have suggestions about how can be a better health resource for you. 

Your friend in health, 

Jessie Shafer, R.D., editor-in-chief
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on Jan 9, 2017

I may be a little biased since I work with Jessie, but thank you for writing such an eloquent, thoughtful and fact based blog! I love the fact that we try to be as transparent as possible with how we do business and provide our end products to our retailers and ultimately the consumer. Thank you again and here is to a great 2017 full of more exciting stories, recipes and healthy living!

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