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Does it ever feel like a problem is so big, there's little you can do to help? When it comes to our world's waste epidemic, the solution starts with you.

During World Wars I and II, the public was called upon to do its part to reduce pressure on the public food supply. Few hesitated. Americans got to planting and soon victory gardens were blooming across the country.

We’re being called to help again. And this time the war is against waste, an opponent that wages destruction on our environment and economy. From conserving more water—our most precious resource—to being more aware of the sourcing and processing of the products we buy, there are many ways you can fulfill your civic duty of being a more conscious consumer. We'll continue to share inspiring ways you can reduce waste and support the companies that do, too. The benefits are numerous to you, your wallet, your community, your family, the environment, future generations and (speaking from experience) your own morale. Truly, I believe we all just want to do our part to help, and there’s victory in that. 

What you can do now: 


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