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Kombucha cocktail, anyone?

Contemplate the end of a summer well-spent with this fizzy, probiotic-packed kombucha cocktail.

The end of summer heralds golden leaves, a bounty of my favorite autumnal produce and near-perfect weather for long runs. And sure, pumpkin spice lattes if you're into that sort of thing (which, regrettably, I am). Fall is my favorite season... and yet... there's a particular sort of sadness that surrounds Labor Day and the following couple of weeks.

With the first cool breeze we look back on the summer season and ask, did we appreciate it enough? Were there camping trips we could have taken? Swimming holes we could have enjoyed? BBQs we could have hosted? The tentacles of remorse sneak into our psyche, reprimanding us for that one gorgeous Saturday morning we spent binge-watching Law & Order on Netflix instead of hiking.

This year, I'm not doing that. I won't ruminate on regrets.

Instead, I'll think of all the fun I had this summer: The weekend climbing trips. The bike rides. My very first trail marathon. My sister's wedding. Drinking wine and eating peaches on my porch.

These activities morph into a summer well spent, and that morphs into, well, life. In the words of Lennon: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." I'd add to that the seemingly small moments you remember to appreciate the heck out of.

Celebrate such moments. I'm going to do so with this beautiful kombucha cocktail, provided by one of my favorite beverage brands, Health-Ade, which employs USDA Organic apple-infused kombucha to achieve effervescence. Feel free to use any fruity kombucha to toast the last days of summer.

The Sparkling Rose


  • 2 ounces mezcal or tequila
  • Dash of cacao bitters, to taste
  • 2 ounces fruit-forward kombucha (such as Health-Ade's Pink Lady Apple Kombucha)
  • Pineapple wedge garnish

Directions: In a cocktail shaker, combine tequila with bitters and crushed ice. Shake vigorously, and strain into a small glass. Top with kombucha, and garnish with pineapple. Toast to your warm-weather escapades, and the pending fun to be had in the months ahead.

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