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[infographic] Ditch the fad diet, it doesn't work

Nutrition science can be maddeningly complex. Here's why fad diets don't fit the bill.

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At some basic level, I think we all know that fad diets don’t work. Sure, in the short term you may notice your jeans getting a bit looser after trying Paleo, Atkins or Alkaline. Eating less processed foods, fewer calories and simply growing more conscious about what you’re consuming will inevitably cause a little weight loss.

But if we’re talking about lifestyle changes for a sustainable, healthy future, chances are an organized diet won't fit the bill. Eat low fat? You might need more omega-3s. Too much protein, and your kidneys could suffer. Low carb, and your energy levels plummet.

This infographic scrutinizes a few popular diets and outlines their benefits and drawbacks. My takeaway? Balance!

Diet Debunker Infographic

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