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How to keep natural cosmetics fresh

How can you avoid synthetics like parabens but also make sure your beauty products last? Here's what to know about natural preservatives and how you can keep natural cosmetics from spoiling. 

While it seems obvious, we often forget simple maintenance that is even more critical for upkeep of natural products. Always screw caps on tightly, which is particularly important when dealing with gentler preservatives that are at greater risk for contamination by residues in your bathroom, water, and even air—all of which can hurt the quality of a natural product.

And, as always, buy from companies you trust …

If you’re curious about production or ingredients, which you should be, do your research! ( is a great place to find out about ingredients—including both synthetic and natural preservatives.) And contact companies. They’ll be happy to answer your questions, including where and how often they manufacture products.

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