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How to keep natural cosmetics fresh

How can you avoid synthetics like parabens but also make sure your beauty products last? Here's what to know about natural preservatives and how you can keep natural cosmetics from spoiling. 

Have you seen the case study comparing the lifespan of “natural” French fries to that of fast-food ones? Let’s just say the ones without a bunch of scary stuff naturally deteriorate; in light of that, you should actually hope that neither your lotion nor your skin is smooth as a baby’s bottom for too long. When it comes to natural skin care, that’s often true: Natural products containing liquids tend to have a shorter shelf life than ones with harsh synthetics. (Morgan says hers last about a year; I don’t think you should keep a product longer than that, anyway.) The solution is simple: Start by testing products and then only purchase quantities you know you’ll use—also use the product regularly, which is the surest way to see results, as well.

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