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How to keep natural cosmetics fresh

How can you avoid synthetics like parabens but also make sure your beauty products last? Here's what to know about natural preservatives and how you can keep natural cosmetics from spoiling. 

If a product doesn't contain parabens, won't it go bad? What do manufacturers use to assure consumers that the products will not spoil after three to four days? If the products are in a box or bottle, don't they need preservatives? These were the questions I fielded immediately following Delicious Living’s CBS project green segment featuring our annual Beauty & Body Awards (so I wasn’t the only one ready and willing to talk cosmetics at 7 am on a Saturday—thanks Roger and Dee!). A big concern consumers have when it comes to personal care is: Does organic (and natural) skin care go bad before its conventional counterparts? Which translates to: If it's going to go bad, I'm not going to waste my money. 

Because the inquiry specifically targeted the four Colorado-based companies included in the segment, I asked Lily Morgan, founder of Lily Organics—a Colorado-based USDA-certified organic skin care company that won our “toner” category—what gives her products shelf life in the absence of synthetic preservatives. In addition to using natural preservatives, she mentioned something that goes beyond ingredients and touches on the quality and care that goes into your personal care. “We make our products fresh every week, so they are never sitting around in warehouses or stock rooms,” she says. The result: Your retailer’s shelves house the freshest products, which are then younger when they reach your shelves. Not all beauty companies can, will, or should adhere to this small-batch policy but many are doing their jobs to ensure your products won’t expire before their time is up. And here are simple steps you can take to keep your beauty products fresh.  

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