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For a healthy 2014, focus on these nutrition numbers

Rather than falling into the “counting” trap—calories, fat grams, whatever—focus on what you can eat so that food  becomes your friend, not the enemy. To get fit and fabulous in 2014, keep your eye on these nutrition numbers.

8 glasses water per day.

Your body needs water for pretty much every bodily function, so staying properly hydrated keeps your metabolism running efficiently and your body burning calories.  Eight glasses is a general guideline; some people may need more or less. It’s important to note that thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so if you stay hydrated you’re less likely to grab for food when your body is really asking for water. 

Try these tips to stay properly hydrated.

If you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated, so make it a habit to continuously sip on water throughout the day.

Drink alcohol and caffeinated beverages in moderation; both are dehydrating.

Think food, not just liquids, to stay hydrated. Water-rich foods include fruits and vegetables; 100% fruit and vegetable juices, such as orange and grapefruit; smoothies; broth-, fruit- and vegetable-based soups; and herbal teas.

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