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Birds are singing, bees are buzzing ... so it's time for holistic advice to improve fertility and sexual health.

Most of you have probably been basking in spring’s arrival for a month or more, but here in Colorado we’re just starting to really enjoy it (earlier this week, we braved several inches of snow). This year my son’s birthday and Mother’s Day coincided on May 11, so I’m gratefully reminiscing about my two healthy, springtime pregnancies—even though at the time I didn’t know a thing about nutrition or prenatal supplements (ah, the ignorance of youth).

But over the years, I’ve seen many friends struggle with difficult pregnancies or infertility, heartbreaking scenarios for any couple. So I highly recommend our Q&A, "Top Foods to Improve Your Fertility," with integrative physician Victoria Maizes, MD, author of Be Fruitful (Scribner, 2013), a holistic fertility and pregnancy guide. Dr. Maizes, who also serves as executive director of Dr. Andrew Weil’s renowned Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, provides well-supported, doable tips for reducing fertility enemies, including environmental toxins, processed foods, and stress.

And speaking of sex … we’re long overdue in covering what our edit team has dubbed “very personal care”—items like lubricants, condoms, and washes that come into contact with some of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the human body. Why, as natural-products shoppers, do we take such care to buy nonirritating, toxin-free laundry detergent but don’t think twice about using a petroleum-based lube? Fortunately, forward-thinking natural companies have stepped into the gap to provide effective and truly clean sexual-health products. Check them out in "7 facts to know about sexual health products" by beauty editor Jessica Rubino, and don’t be shy about asking your natural products retailer to stock them.

Spring is in the air at last; let’s make it a healthy, joyous one.

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