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Feeling fatigued? You could be dehydrated

Tired, dehydrated and... ahem... hung over? Try these quick hydration tips to counteract holiday weekend celebrations.

One 10K race; over 12 hours in the sun; approximately 2 beers, 3 glasses of wine, 1 mojito, and a margarita; plus 1 bag of salty chips, a plate of sodium-heavy Chinese takeout, and more salty food from the grill: These are my stats for Memorial Day Weekend. Are you as dehydrated and fatigued as I am?

Dehydration is usually the last thing I think of when I feel this way, when it should be the first. Water is obviously number one for replenishing lost stores (I felt at least 25 percent better once I downed 12 ounces this morning), but there are other healthy ways to boost your fluid levels, such as these tasty drinks.

And watch soda intake, which dehydrates and pulls nutrients, such as magnesium, from your body. I find these hydration tips helpful to determine how much you need, plus take note of advice about vitamin-enhanced waters: They aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Quick hydration tips:

  • Feeling dizzy? It may be dehydration
  • Don’t ignore that parched feeling! You are already dehydrated
  • Hydrate before: 20 ounces 3-4 hours in advance of exercise or sun exposure
  • Eat your water: Fresh fruits and veggies help overall hydration
  • Add citrus or cucumber to water to make it more appealing

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Jeffrey (not verified)
on Jun 3, 2012

I was reading a couple of articles recently and I think sugar and carbs might be a bigger culprit than dehydration. I can imagine a thirsty, tired person reaching for a Pepsi and washing down a big sandwich.

This article for example, says that fatigue might be caused by the insulin spike following a big sugary meal:

(Also I don't know why this thing is triggering the spam filter. You guys need to get that fixed.)

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