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No reason to take our word for it: Hear straight from one of our sweepstakes winners.

I may be partial, but I think the five annual sweepstakes we hold here at Delicious Living are some of the best contests around. There’s really no better way to get your hands on a whole slew of natural products at one time—for free. Five times a year we hold a different themed sweepstakes. Don’t miss this month’s Personal Care Sweepstakes, which is a roundup of personal care items from brands we trust—see them all here. The best part? There won’t be just one winner ... there will be 10! Fill out this short form and enter as many times as you’d like before the contest ends on May 31. And come back next month, when we’ll have a whole new set of products to give away.

But you don’t have to take my word for how awesome our sweepstakes is; you can hear directly from a winner. Christy R. was one of the winners of our Cleansing & Weight Loss Sweepstakes that we held back in January. After receiving her box full of products, Christy sent us this sweet letter:

“Wow wow wow!! I just opened the box last night and I am amazed. As I begin to sample all of my goodies, I researched all products first because I am gluten free and it seems they all are as well.

I recently lost 60 pounds (and a total of more than 100 pounds) and I’m looking to do a spring detox. This is sooooooo exciting. My partner is on board, too, after having recently lost 30 pounds.

I’ve changed my life and now, with your help, I just got a jumpstart to summer. Again thank you for all the wonderful treats!!

            Take care, Christy”

We couldn’t be more thrilled about Christy’s healthy life transformation. We asked her which of the products she liked the best and she sent us some great feedback.

“It was really exciting to win the detox package because I was burnt out! I’ve been teaching skiing in Vail, Colorado and—due to the harsh (unusually warm) season—my whole body needed some downtime. A cold winter is hard, but a warm ski season will ruin you from toe to ear!

I was ready for a boost. So when I opened the box of detox goodies, I got started right away! Due to my high sensitivity of gluten, I verified that all products were free of gluten—and even went on multiple we sites to doublecheck some unmarked labels.  

I was blown away by the Barlean's Omega Swirl Organic Flax Oil. The taste of the strawberry-banana flavor is amazing—just like liquid candy! My hair looks better and I sneak a sip of it—haha, almost like it’s bad for me when it is really good for me! I drink it daily—no mixing needed.

I liked the taste of the NeoCell Hyaluronic Acid. The blueberry flavor is nice, and I just drink it straight—daily.

The protein shakes are all excellent! My favorite was the YouTheory Collagen. It is very smooth, needs just a little mixing, and filled me up. I take it with breakfast and I find that my lunchtime hunger comes much later. I’ve been taking the Youtheory Collagen tablets for a few months, and I’ve seen some results with the extra collagen. I also loved the BIOCHEM whey protein for shakes. It was tasty and helped keep me full.

I also really like the taste of Almased. I just started drinking it and am using it to supplement. But after reading their diet plans, I intend to try the three-day shake plan very soon!

Thank you again! And thanks for letting me share my story from how I went from being really fat, sad, lost, and unhealthy to feeling happy, thin, hopeful, and energetic! Oh, and now I consider myself a healthy, gluten-free, non-GMO, organically based, and overall fun chick!

Take care, Christy”

We want to give you a healthy living boost, too! Enter our sweepstakes now for your chance to win, just like Christy. 

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